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We use non-toxic, environmentally safe, eco-friendly professional carpet cleaning equipment and products cleaners when cleaning your home. The overall appearance of your space is as important to us as it its to you. You can count on Latham Carpet Cleaning Service to thoroughly clean and preserve your carpets. Whether it’s a small, single person office or an entire office building, we can service any commercial facility with a restorative clean. At Latham Carpet Cleaning Service, we use bot portable and truck mounted units to clean every inch of your facility. By using heat, pressure and extraction, our eco-friendly system will have your carpets clean and dry in less time. Our professionals provide careful and detailed area rug cleaning services by removing dirt and allergens, thus also helping restore the rug to its original beauty. We use an eco-friendly, effective yet gentle cleaning and drying process. Since pet urine and feces are considered a biohazard and can cause disease and spread viruses, their cleanup and disinfection need to be done professionally because soap and water are not enough to decontaminate the surfaces. We are able to thoroughly clean the area and get rid of the odor as well.
We've outlined some reasons for you to feel more confident in hiring us for the job. We understand that there are many companies trying to get your business. They advertise that they can remove any stain from your carpeting. They claim to be able to remove any odor from your carpets. They say that they can make your home sparkle. But you can’t always trust them coming into your home and you don’t know for sure that they will use effective, safe cleaning solutions.

You can trust us for carpet cleaning in Arleta and other cleaning solutions because we are certified and have a lot of hands on experience. We provide upfront pricing and free price quotes for our customers. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure you will be happy with our results. 4.We use environmentally safe cleaning solutions because we care about your health and the environment. We are experienced with many different fabrics and materials. In addition to offering customers a lot of qualities that can make them trust us, we also offer a great deal of cleaning solutions in one convenient location.